Andy Nikol

Andy Nikol is a Russian-born German artist, raised in Ukraine, where he received his art education at the "Grekov" Art Academy in Odessa, studying visual arts, with special focus on painting, drawing and design. Later he moved to Munich, Germany, where he continued his art formation, extending it into the fields of graphic and media design and photography.

His multicultural background, combined with the large spectrum of artistic techniques Andy is mastering, reflects the contrasting urge for freedom and interconnection his works are emanating.

Andy’s artworks seek to combine his fondness for the past and tradition with an openness to the future and technology. Intertwining the traditional artistic means with the most modern digital ones, he tries to confer a tactile form to the immaterial digital creation characteristic of the modern day art.

Following the series of solo and group exhibitions, Andy’s art found its home in various private collections around the world.

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